Bike Tour


Bike Tour arrange by Parikrama Travels  offer best in class services that ensure safety, security and comfort at all times. Our itineraries are well thought off and give you the time you need to enjoy not just the destination but the journey as well. We are one of our kind and we continue to work towards being better every day. Our extraordinary  Motor bike Tour make wonderful  journey experience in Odisha, give you Nature , Wildlife, Culture, Food & Lifestyle . our experienced Guide take you on ride around Odisha where you have fun with wonderful healthy atmosphere. You can have experience by Motor bike Tour to stay in villages & camping on the way some places & be the Part of local lifestyle , experienced  Local rituals,   Local Ceremony & lots when you crossing village by village. We believe strongly that the journey matters more than the destination and work towards achieving something new everytime we set out for a journey with you. We offer some of the rarest Motor bike Tour  travel itineraries, bringing to you destinations that no one else offers. We create our packages with love and a dash of excitement and that is what makes us the best.