Kon’nichiwa! Japan is a wonderful fusion of old and new, past and future, tradition and technology where hi-tech futuristic innovations flourish harmoniously along with ancient and sacred Japanese temples. Lets travel to the land of the rising sun and experience the phenomenonal land for ourselves!

If you find yourself going crazy with the maddening rut of everyday life, then this beautiful gem of the Pacific Ocean beckons you! Japan, the island country is home to ornate shrines and scintillating national parks that are blanketed with mighty mountains. Visit the bustling Tokyo, zen-like Kyoto and the scintillating Osaka. See the dazzling Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Imperial Palace and embark upon a beautiful Samuda River Cruise. Witness the serene and the mighty Mt. Fuji that sits in splendour. Check out the elegant Nara Park to see the majestic deer in their full glory along with the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Admire the Beauteous Osaka Castle and indulge in a lot of shopping! So take this much-needed vacation and discover the luscious beauty of Japan.