Dubai Tour

Dubai Tour by Parikrama Travels The popularity of Dubai Tourism and the amazing attractions it offers has made it possible to book all inclusive Dubai tour packages at affordable prices. Enjoy all the must-see locations. Read on to find more about this great city. Besides the technological wonders that still

amaze and attract people towards it, Dubai is a site of utter awe and mesmerising memories. Tall structures that cover the entire city, beaming lights that displays a city that never sleeps, perfectly built attractions that depict ancient the Middle East and innovations that have engraved a name in the book of world records, Dubai is a luxurious haven that doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pockets. Live this city outside movies with Dubai Tour Packages.

Dubai is a highly well-connected city, and it shows. With flights that daily land in this amusing city from every corner of the world, Dubai International Airport is quite busy all year round.

Since it is fairly close to India, the flight tickets are economical. You could choose from a variety of airlines according to your budget. Getting a Dubai visa is no task as well.You can also get in touch with Parikrama Travels  to find lucrative Dubai packages and itineraries for Dubai holidays. Dubai was once a desert for miles and miles, which is to say that summer is the predominant season there. You have a hot summer in the middle of the year, and a ‘cool’ summer at the end of the year. But overall the weather is always pleasant. The best time to begin your Dubai holidays is when the summer is not very hot, and that happens between November and February.

Once you reach Dubai, you can indulge in a lot of options. If your motto is to shop till you drop and collect the best of everything under one roof, ‘Dubai shopping festival’ is your go-to destination. 

The largest shopping festival is Dubai’s pride. Big shots from all around the world drop in to buy things that are otherwise difficult to get just everywhere. From bug brad names to local shops, buy to your heart’s content. Also, do not miss indulging in street shopping for an absolute shopping extravaganza. Dubai is famous for its vibrant nightlife. You could go pub hopping all night long.

Get exotic alcohol variants and let your hair down for an experience that will remain with you forever. Once you’ve partied in Dubai, there is no place good enough.

Your Dubai holidays will be incomplete without a visit to the Burj Khalifa. Every tourist who’s ever been to Dubai has visited this Kilometre tall structure. You can either book online or directly buy tickets from the counter, although most of the Dubai packages cover this attraction in their packages. You can view this sky-scrapper from your plane and is a tourist’s delight. Enjoy a view of the entire city, along with many other amusements such as world’s largest mall The Dubai Mall which also hosts thousands of branded showrooms, underwater zoo and aquarium and much more. One of the most acclaimed landmarks of Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The genius architectural beauty makes it look like a boat sailing on the ocean. You can enjoy the thrilling sight of this structure from the outside as well. If you are ready to spend few more bucks, then do not hesitate to admire the interiors of this 7-star luxurious hotel. If you’re lucky, you might find a good deal via Dubai holiday packages. Palm Jumeirah is yet another beautiful architectural wonder of wonder. This is a huge palm-shaped island that is home to Jumeirah Beach, Deira Souq Market, Sheikh Zayed Road etc.

Wild Wadi, Ferrari World, Bollywood Park, Dubai Creek, iconic Dubai Fountain, Dubai Museum are few of the other places to visit in the Dubai among hundreds of other attractions. So go ahead, select from a range of Dubai packages and book your tickets for Dubai today!