Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour Arrange by Parikrama Travels  make you experience A vivid landscape and even more vivid people greet you as you come to Bhutan. This small country nestled in the lap of the Himalayas is a visual treat. Bhutan tours are a great option if you happen to be touring India’s North Eastern states like Sikkim, Tripura, Assam, or Arunachal Pradesh. There are plenty of stunning monasteries all over Bhutan since the nation is largely Buddhist. In addition, there is breathtaking scenery to enjoy as the Great Himalayan Range runs along Bhutan. So do the Shivalik hills and many other prominent peaks and mountains.

A great example of traditional way of living in this modern days is Bhutan with gross happiness. If you wish to explore spiritual and simple life in 21st century Bhutan is one of  the country. This Himalayan kingdom journey will be life changing experience.

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