About Parikram Travels

Parikrama Travels is a Tour Operator based of PURI,ODISHA. Its started at 2008 . Parikrama Travels have our main office at Chakratirtha Road, Puri. Parikrama Travels entertain both Outbound & Inbound Tours. Apart of tour our packages we are also booking for you Accommodation, Cabs, Buses, Boats , Trains Tickets, Flight Tickets and also we are handle Visa work .

Parikrama Travels Forex part  Providing Money Exchange, Westeren Union, Money Gram, Express Money Transfast, Ria.

About how  Parikrama Travels Works :

We handle your queries personally, from your initial booking request to meeting you face to face you’ll be dealing with us directly, not office bound sales people. Not only do you benefit from receiving the most up to date information, but you’ll also gain practical advice and travellers tips from our own personal experience. Our Local Leaders draw on lifetimes of regional knowledge and a wealth of global experience. Passionate about the people and places we encounter, often sharing close personal connections and friendships along the way. Each possesses a unique sense of humors, a healthy sense of adventure and uncanny abilities to adapt to the surprising circumstances of life on the road. In addition to our experienced Local Leaders, we meet local experts with specialized knowledge; classical dancers and musicians, weavers, painters and traditional healers all shed light on their unique skills from a personal perspective. For us, Hospitality & Service is not just a business- But we mean it as an ethical relationship with all our travelers with a touch of smile. We inherit our old culture and heritage to protect our nature & its beauties exclusively for all our customers. As a leading tour & travel operator in Odisha, Parikrama Travels is admired highly for its quality services and well appreciated for its honesty and hospitality.

Parikrama Travels  is an effective encyclopedia on tours in India and Parikrama Travels  features comprehensive facts related to tour packages in India. India with abundant tourist destinations attracts tourist from all over the world. Attractive hill stations, beaches, historical monuments, forts, cultural sites, narrow backwater nature blessed landscapes, all these features will make your holiday in India memorable. This country is paradise for travelers.

At Parikrama Travels , we believe travelling to India is about more than just going on vacation – it’s about having a remarkable experience. Our tours are judiciously planned and customized to meet your needs so your trip is everything you imagined and much more. Our team is managed by professionals with years of travel experience. We cater to travelers across the board- from luxury to mid range- economy travel options.

Book your India tour with us and let us deliver you the experience of a lifetime.

We Understand Travel : Over the years we have evolved and understood travel and travel destinations by studying them closely. This has helped us in creating packages that deliver quality and comfort to you while going easy on the budget. We make sure that you have access to all that you need while you travel with us and this has made all the difference.

We offer best in class services that ensure safety, security and comfort at all times. Our itineraries are well thought off and give you the time you need to enjoy not just the destination but the journey as well. We are one of our kind and we continue to work towards being better every day.

You are our Priority :  We are not a run of the mill travel provider. We work closely with you and understand your needs while giving you the best of experiences. You are always at the center of the process and we make sure that you get more than what you came for, while mesmerizing you with the destinations we offer.

You are important to us and we make sure that you feel that throughout the journey. Our plans are crafted to offer exciting experiences that last a lifetime.

Destinations Like Never Before : We believe strongly that the journey matters more than the destination and work towards achieving something new everytime we set out for a journey with you. We offer some of the rarest travel itineraries, bringing to you destinations that no one else offers. We create our packages with love and a dash of excitement and that is what makes us the best.


MD. M. (Gauri Sehgal )
S.M. ( Navneet Krsna Das)
T.M. (Santosh Moharana)